Add A Spring To Your Event

April 26, 2022
Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Inflatables are always a huge attraction at any event! Kids love playing on them for hours freeing up the adults to socialize without having to worry and in the evenings when the kids are tired the “big kids” can play on them too! The great thing about adding an inflatable toy to your next event is that not only is it convenient but also affordable!

We offer a variety of different inflatables to match any event type and size! Plus we provide installation, instructions, and take down so you can show up and enjoy without worry!

Why rent instead of buying?

Our inflatable toys are maintenance-free!

One of the hidden costs to any inflatable comes in the form of maintenance. Cleaning after use, repairing scuffs and tears, sun bleaching, fixing the blower, the list goes on. Plus if you don’t use your inflatable often you have to consider long-term storage and the costs that come with it!

When you rent our toys we take care of everything so you can show up and enjoy!

Reduce Your Cost

Inflatable toys are not cheap, and if they are they are either too small, not safe or break easily! Yikes! Remember the audience that will be playing on these, children; and let’s be honest, asking a kid to be gentle is like asking the snow to be warm… not going to happen!

Don’t Worry About Hidden Extras!

Most people don’t realize when they purchase an inflatable toy it does not include many crucial components such as the blower but even smaller things like extension cords which can quickly add up in cost! Plus one thing that many hosts don’t consider is the potential for accidents that come with an inflatable toy and the need for insurance to cover these costs!

Add an inflatable to your next event!