Tent Flooring Explained

April 14, 2022
Tent Flooring

You have decided to do an outdoor wedding, in a tent and want a full floor, because you’re not sure how the ground is going to be that day, weather can play a big factor as well as the how the rain pools on the property.

So you call the Rental company and your jaw hits the floor, when you see the biggest bill of the whole wedding. OMG why is this so expensive?? That’s outrageous how can you charge that??

IF your budget stops at the price, No need to read on as you will be skipping out on the floor. If your budget is low a simple out door wedding on grass is your best bet, and get a small 10 x 10 dancefloor or rent a hall which is already fully floored.

I see you re still here which means you still want the flooring, or just want to learn
Alright readers here is

the 101 on tent flooring!

Have you ever priced out a renovation or new build floor on your house or a new deck?
Well without hesitation you are ok with a $30 per square foot flooring of your house or deck.
And you may think “wait a minute, how does this apply I’m not moving into a tent?!”

Well, the concept of flooring your house is similar to that of flooring a tent.
And you may think I’m crazy, consider what you asking here
A floor or deck requires Bracing 2×6 boards, well so does a tent floor
A floor (not so much for decks on this one) requires a flat plywood surface, well so does a tent floor
A floor or deck requires Leveling and bracing, well so does a tent floor
A deck or floor requires screws or nails to secure it, well so does a tent floor (engineered locks)
A deck or floor requires a large flat deck truck to bring it all , well so does a tent floor
A deck and floor requires many man hours of labour, Well you guessed it so does a tent floor

So, now we have base understand of how they are similar, now your thinking “ ya but a house floor has to be done with braces, and done by carpenter and requires engineering etc”

This is where a tent floor differs from a house or deck, We save you a lot of money by doing LAY OF THE LAND.
”Well what does that mean?”

We build all our subflooring on the flat side of the boards laid on the ground end on end with cross brace pieces, that follow the curvature of the ground surface you have. And then in the low points put additional shim bracing to level it up as best we can, Topped with our specialty flooring manufactured and pre covered with a beautiful hardwood floor finished, connect with engineered locks to hold it together.

So in short
Time = labour costs and the flooring takes along time
Material= lumber costs plus flooring cost
Transportation= fuel an cost of a the flat deck