Long Term Tent Rentals

Realize the benefits of tent ownership with none of the hassle

Why choose a long term tent rental from Muskoka Event Services?

Why a Tent Rental?

Do you own a restaurant? Having a patio for your customers is a must. With a long term rental from Muskoka Event Services you can have all the benefits of a tent with non of the hassles of cleanup, maintenance and storage.

Need Furniture?

We have a extensive collection of outdoor seating options available to suit your needs! Checkout our catalog or give us a call today!

How Does it Work?

We will work with you to work out the ideal dimensions and locations for your tent. From there our team of installers will come out and install allowing you to focus on running your restaurant without needing to worry about the safety of your guests.

You use the tent for your entire season! Our tents are durable and can stay up day and night even during storms!

Once your season has ended we come and take down the tent for you cleaning and repairs all included!

Find Your Tent

We have a wide selection of tents available to suit your needs!

Happy Customers

“We are the Muskoka Rose Guest House & Retreat which seconds as an event venue facility in Muskoka. With that said, there is only one event service company that we will use as our supplier, and that is Muskoka Event Services. Always Reasonable, Reputable, & Reliable.”

David R.

“Muskoka Event Services and Property Care provided excellent services that exceeded our needs. Devin Morley was very quick on response time with giving us quotes and completing work in a timely and sufficient manner. I highly recommend Muskoka Event Services and Property Care.”


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